GU Trade is extremely versatile and includes multiple functionalities that enable deeper monitoring of business performance and corrective actions enforcement in case of detecting deviations. Measuring is essential to implement improvements, through its various functionalities, GU Trade generates a dashboard and performance indicators that will serve as the basis for the decision-making process

SKU Control

Through this functionality, you can access the survey of all data by item, both your own and the competition: Prices, Stock, Promotions, Expiration day, among others

Share of Shelf

Monitor Share of Shelf of any Product, Brand or Company, over the total space allocated to a specific category. Generate historical and evaluate tends projection


Out of stock

It is of vital importance to avoid Out of Stock since they generate loss of sales in addition to encouraging the shopper to buy an alternative brand. The “Out of Stock” functionality enables the user to take corrective actions, such as: review of the safety stock, checking of product inventory, adjustment of the logistics supply plan, among others


Activities are generated by the client according to the need for information to be released. They are used, for example, to carry out photographic campaigns and implementation surveys. This functionality is very versatile and usually also used as support for personnel or POS evaluations

Online Chat

Our clients can communicate with their team on the field quickly and safely without distractions. It has all the features of the most used instant messaging services in the world:

  • Messages
  • Photos and videos
  • Voice messages
  • Groups
  • Read Confirmation



With this functionality, you are able to know the field team’s current location, generating a check-in and check-out report of visited Points of Sales (POS). This way, the company knows the exact amount of time each person devoted to every POS and visualize the route taken


Assign routes to the team on the field and modify them when deemed necessary. Be aware of compliance with planned routes, easily identifying which POS were visited which not

POP Materials

Enables to know if the contracted in each POS is being implemented (Headers, Displays, Exhibition in check-outs, among others). Additionally, you can attach photographs to know if implementation is being carried out correctly


Generate tailored reports, cross indicators, graph results and evaluate performance historic evolution according to the specific needs of your business


GU Trade offers the possibility of subscribing to notifications on topics that need constant monitoring and supervision. Information is sent to the client consolidated via mail

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