Data Analytics

Análisis de datos

Our team of Sr. Analysts will help you generate customized Business Intelligence reports taking into consideration the specific needs of your business. We have great expertise in identifying business gaps and provide the necessary information based on the collected data.

Measuring is essential to implement improvements

  • We count on a very professional team of experts with focus on helping you have the key info to drive your business
  • Our focus and expertise is based on consumer products
  • We integrate cutting edge technology
  • We develop dashboards integrating data collected through our solution and from external sources

With Data Analytics you will be able to integrate external source data such as sell out, orders, logistic data and more, to get key indicators, have a better business perspective and reach your company goals.

Have an integral solution, aligned with your business objectives and obtain actionable information to accelerate your sales and market share growth.

You have the possibility to purchase a certain pack of back office hours that includes:

  • Tailor made reports development
  • GAPs identification
  • Several sources of information cross checking
  • Periodical and coordinated meetings for info presentations, alignment and feedback

See how it works

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Help Desk:

One of our customers most valued differentials is our Help Desk support, that provides assistance when questions or concerns may arise, regarding the use of our solution. GU Trade provides assistance to all users through a specialized and professional team, committed to respond quickly.

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