Sell Out Data Management

Gestión de datos

Sometimes companies have large volumes of data that significantly exceed their processing and analysis capacity. As a result, important “data buckets” are generated without having the possibility of generating knowledge and action plans based on insights.

GU Trade manages these “data buckets” through big data and business intelligence in order to provide relevant information to understand the product, brands and categories dynamics in a certain market.

We know about the business and the importance of identifying trends and gaps to be able to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Sell out data analysis is key to understand if you are properly reaching your shoppers and identify if your execution strategies are delivering the expected results.

We manage and cross your product, brand and category sell out data with the one collected through our application to:

Maximize the return on your investments

Sell out vs. Routes compliance

Adjust time dedicated per point of sale according to effective sales

Sell out vs. Product assortment by cluster

Evaluate recommended product assortment vs. actual sales by store or cluster

Sell out vs. Price strategy compliance

Analyze sales deviations -plus and minus- vs. price changes to understand elasticity and brand loyalty level

Sell out vs. Out of stocks

Improve security stock level by sku, identifying recurrent out of stocks

We cross information and generate multiple reports to identify gaps and the rationale behind a possible sales decrease or understand an unexpected sales uplift to be able to repeat the activity that originated that growth.

If you have more data than what you are able to analyze and process…we can help you!

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One of our customers most valued differentials is our Help Desk support, that provides assistance when questions or concerns may arise, regarding the use of our solution. GU Trade provides assistance to all users through a specialized and professional team, committed to respond quickly.

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